Service connector

A service connector is a set of information, usually credentials, that Wenenu can use to access third party resources to perform certain test steps. Users can have up to 200 service connectors. Currently, Azure Service Principal is the only available service connector type.

Note Service connectors are stored securely by Wenenu using multiple layers of encryption. The information is always encrypted both in rest and in flight. Credentials cannot be accessed by humans, they are only decrypted inside the Wenenu application and stored only in memory for the duration of test step execution.
Note Test steps that require service connectors are always executed on Wenenu managed test agents. The information of the service connectors never leaves our secured environment.
Important The security of the service connectors is a joint responsibility between the users and Wenenu. Wenenu implements industry best practice security standards to protect the information of the service connectors. Users must limit the rights of the service connectors in the third party systems to the minimum that is required to perform the test steps which use the service connector. Limiting the rights of service connectors ensures that they pose no or only minimal threat in the case of a data breach.
Note Users need Wenenu Owner or Wenenu Service Connector Administrator roles to manage service connectors.

Azure Service Principal

Azure Service Principal service connector is used to communicate with the Azure ARM API to start and stop Site Recovery recovery plans and to start and stop test agent virtual machines. To create one, users need to give an arbitrary name, the tenant id in which the service principal is used, the id of the service principal and the service principal’s secret. The service principal must have the appropriate Azure RBAC roles to perform the required actions.

Azure Service Principal service connector
Figure 1. Azure Service Principal service connector