API user

API users are needed to call the Wenenu API. An API user is identified by its version 4 UUID, it has an arbitrary name and an expiration date. When the API user is created it gets a random secret. The id of the API user and the secret are used for authentication. The secret can’t be changed, and it is revealed only once after the API use is created. There is no way to retrieve the secret later. Expired API users fail to authenticate. Users can have up to 200 API users.

Note Calling the Wenenu API with an API user does not generate usage charges.
Note Users need Wenenu Owner or WeWenenu API User Administrator roles to manage API users.

Wenenu roles can be associated with an API user. The associated roles determine the actions the API user can perform. The following roles are available for API users:

  • Wenenu Owner
    Has access to all the Wenenu resources

  • Wenenu Contributor
    Can create, read, modify and schedule test scenarios

  • Wenenu Reader
    Can read the test scenarios and scenario reports

  • Wenenu Service Connector Administrator
    Can create, edit and delete service connectors

  • Wenenu Test Agent Administrator
    Can create, edit and delete test agents

  • Wenenu API User Administrator
    Can create, edit and delete API users

  • Wenenu Billing Administrator
    Can manage the billing of the organization

The API user can be never expiring or the expiration can be set to one, two or three years. The expiration cannot be changed after the creation and the API user cannot be used after it expired.

The id and the secret of an API user can be used to authenticate to Wenenu. After authentication, a JWT token is returned which can be used to call the Wenenu API. For details see the API authentication page.

Create API user
Figure 1. Create API user