Why test Disaster Recovery?
IT service outage can lead to significant financial loss. When the service disruption leads to loss of business data, half of the organizations never reopen. IT outages are common, nearly one-fifth of the businesses report significant IT outages over a year. A disaster recovery plan can protect your business, but only if it is properly tested. IT systems change over time, regular and frequent testing is needed to ensure the DR plan will work when a disastrous event happens.
Why Wenenu?
Manual testing of disaster recovery plans is time-consuming and costly. Most organisations do not have the resources to regularly test their DR plans. Microsoft Azure Site Recovery is a cloud-based disaster recovery solution that makes it possible to perform DR tests automatically. WENENU is a testing framework that manages, schedules and automatically executes your ASR DR tests without the need for inbound connectivity into your environment. About WENENU
Flexible, versatile testing
Wenenu testing is highly flexible. Wenenu test scenarios are put together from various test steps that are executed sequentially. There are test steps for the common test actions such as starting and stopping Azure Site Recovery, checking an HTTP endpoint, connecting to the database or executing a command via SSH. For more complex test cases, custom code execution test steps are available with the most popular languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python, C# and JAVA. Test steps are executed by Wenenu test agents. Test agents can be distributed around various locations making it possible to test the connectivity to the disaster recovery environment. Wenenu offers all this with an easy-to-understand pay-as-you-go pricing.
Wenenu steps
Test anyway you like
Javascript tests
Java tests
PHP tests
.NET C# tests
Python tests
PowerShell tests
Bash Script tests
Oracle Database tests
MySQL Database tests
MariaDB Database tests
Microsoft SQL Server tests
PostgreSQL database tests
Easy HTTP Testing
SSH based tests